Agency's Founder


Mrs. Vera L. McCorvey

The Family Resource Center of Peekskill, Inc. was founded in 1983 by two minority social workers and one local business owner. One of the social workers, Mrs. Vera L. McCorvey, was the primary catalyst and philanthropist in providing start-up funds and ongoing funding to keep the agency fiscally afloat.

She overcame the odds of being a socio-disadvantaged divorced single parent, taking the necessary risks to invest for what she believed in. A community activist, Vera made sure that impoverish people received the proper social and economic justice. In being a public servant, she was a giant for the little people. Having a B.A. degree from the University of West Florida, in Pensacola, Florida, a master’s degree in social work from the University of Alabama, and completed course work in the PHD social work program at Fordham University, it helped Vera cultivate her God-given innate gift to help people. Mrs. Vera, as she is affectionately known by her staff and many others in the Peekskill area, was truly a Westchester County treasure.

After she arrived in New York, she met Mr. Ruppert L. Holloman while working at the Hudson Valley VA Montrose Campus. Mr. Holoman, also employed by the Hudson Valley VA, was an entrepreneur in the Peekskill, New York community. He started up a local mini-market, was the co-founder of R&V Associates Realty Company, as well as being a local landlord with his wife, Vera. He would often joke with her that he would evict the Family Resource Center for not paying rent.

Mrs. Vera we love and miss you very much…many people
did not know that you truly were an angel sent by the Divine

As your staff, we pledge to keep your legacy of helping others alive…

“Yes We Can…..We can do all things…..with faith, courage, & determination”


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